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Jimmy Jimes


Jimmy grew up playing piano and making art.  Somewhere along the way, he ended up with a video camera in his hands.  This summer he will be wearing only denim -- top and bottom --  for 10 full weeks.

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Billy Ferguson


Billy was raised on classic rock and Tarantino films.  He's been known to keep things very loose -- no shoes, no shirt, no problem.  He's got the best hair this side of the Mason Dixon.

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Chris Watson

Music Supervisor

A recent transplant from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, Chris is a singer-songwriter that performs on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and venues across the city. He's got a bright smile, a golden voice, and a Subaru.

Mike Jaeger

Tour Manager

Mike is a member of at least five bands, all of which have names, but none of which have any recorded music or concerts.  His hair is much longer now than it was when he had this picture taken.