Day 68: Back to Los Angeles

It's 9:30pm in Oakland, California. The squad and our artist Luke Lumens are vibin comfortably in Fannie. We're perched next to Dracena Quarry Park, a quaint piece of foliage in the Piedmont neighborhood. We've spent the last few days waking to dogs barking and friendly neighbor chatter. It's been great being back in California and It's pretty surreal that we are driving home to Los Angeles tomorrow morning after two months on the road. 

Here is a shortlist of things we're excited for: a healthy long shower, our own bed, friends, and normal sleeping hours. However, the last item on the list still has to wait. We're facing some of our busiest days yet. Los Angeles has been our home base for a the past few years so of course we have most of our music resources there. Although the days will be packed, we're really looking forward to polishing off the songs from the road. 

Our time in the Bay Area has been pretty swell. We kicked off our stay in NorCal with one day at the Lagunitas factory in Petaluma. We set up some mics, drums and guitars, and had an open jam with the employees. It was amazing to see regular people with a passion for music express themselves. Just goes to show all you really need is a platform (the IPA's did help). We also got a cool tour from our boy Shane Callahan, some sweet Lagunitas swag, and of course, more beer. 

We're wrapping our final session on the road with one of the first songs we started working on: 'Warrior' from Episode 5 | Las Vegas. It's very special that months later we're still creating and adding to something we made the first day in Circus Circus RV Park. This journey has truly been fulfilling, empowering, and undoubtably unknown. We still got lots to do and couldn't be more excited to tackle the next chapter. 


William Ferguson