New York New York

As expected, we had a wild and hectic time in New York City. We ended up parking our home in a little boatyard across the harbor in Jersey City, it's my favorite place the bus has landed to date. Imagine a dumpy old boatyard that is filled up with giant boats who haven't set sail in a decade and our bright bus saddled up right next to them with the backside of the Statue of Liberty in the background.

We filmed with a bunch of interesting musicians and threw an awesome party and show at The Belfry in Manhattan. Watson crushed it as usual and Zack hopped on guitar and played Real Man with Jimmy and Chris. It was a really special night, the support we received was awesome and we managed to sell a little Merch. 

The highlight of the city was really the last night when we had an impromptu mini party at our boatyard. We invited over a busking duo Chocolate and Charlie who came out and played bucket drums and guitar. They killed it so we invited them to stay for a couple beers and a round of RV golf (hit a beer can with a cane off of the roof of Fannie into a garbage can). My friend Nyall and his crew came over and a few members of chocolates family came over and we all had quite a night. You know you threw a good RV party when you are with the company of people named Chocolate and Chili Basil. 

All in all, New York was pretty great and its definitely a hotbed of creativity and music. We got along very well because the crew who never sleeps showed the city that never sleeps a great time. 


- Coach

Michael Jaeger