O Canada

After trips to Montreal and Toronto, we found ourselves really enjoying what Canada has to offer. Our initial plan didn't include Vancouver, but we decided to head back up north of the border, so here I am writing in beautiful Stanley Park on the Pacific Ocean just north of downtown Vancouver. 

With our big colorful RV the border patrol has given us some hassle but we've made it passed the dog sniffs and search tests. We have nothing to hide anyways. Sometimes it seems like they want us to have drugs or something illegal on us, waiting for some excitement in their tedious jobs. 

The hospitality of Canadians has been awesome. It's also hilariously true that they are always apologizing for no reason. I made eye contact with a lady in a grocery store and she proceeded to say sorry. A waiter brought Watson the hot sauce he asked for...sorry. In Montreal we met a guitarist and singer on the street who liked our idea and played a few songs for us. After our session we all went and grabbed a beer and shared stories from the road. We were only in Montreal for a day and we had to jet over to Toronto where we met some more awesome Canucks. 

Once we got to Toronto we hit The Cameron House, a cool music venue that had an awesome jazzy middle eastern fusion type band. We met the band leader and he invited us to a rooftop party the next day where another of his bands, Vast Asleep was playing. It was crazy showing up to a random address with all of our gear. We only knew one person but we were quickly the talk of the party and felt so welcome. The owner of the awesome pad had a full open bar and had the front door open so anyone could walk in and enjoy the party. It was pretty surreal how open and cool everyone was with each other. The guy even offered us to stay at his place over the weekend when he was out of town, talk about a trustworthy fellow. After the party a few people we met came back to the bus and we had a few more late night jams with some local Toronto musicians, it was great.

After rounding back through the Midwest and Glacier National Park we headed back up to Vancouver. None of us had ever been here and we didn't really have any contacts but again, we've met some really cool people. A musician named Emily Chambers who lives and tours in her van came over to Fannie and recorded some tunes, she sounded great. Yesterday we saw this amazing band at Guilt & Company downtown, the singer Altida sounded like Amy Winehouse and her keyboardist shredded. Chris hit an open mic and crushed it and we met a few people so here we are in the park recording with a dude named Thunderstorm right now, pretty awesome. 

All in all, Canada is super cool and friendly and we're really glad we got to come here and see some culture and make friends. I know that I will be back. 

Until next time Canada, and as always, sorry!


Michael Jaeger