Our Longest Day

We’ve had a lot of long days over the past two months and our recent hike is damn near the top. We traversed the Dawson Pitamakan loop at Glacier National Park. 20 miles, 10 hours, and a total elevation ascent and descent of 3,000 feet. Four days later we are in Vancouver, British Columbia and all of us are still sore in one way or another.

Towards the beginning, we all had at least one thought of quitting but we knew we couldn't let another down. We've hiked trails before but none of this magnitude. We quickly learned short breaks would be our savior. The changes in our scenery also propelled us along. As we climbed higher we saw small creeks, fields of unique flowers, and patches of snow, a wild sight to see in the middle of summer. 

Halfway through the hike we set up shop for lunch at 8,000 ft. Jimmy made some turkey sandwiches with onion and red pepper, a combination I've never had but we swear, it was the best turkey sandwich we've had in years. The views from the top cannot be accurately translated into words. The serenity was simply breathtaking and the company was unparalleled: The Fannie Five and our pal Jeff, the Marmot.

The final two miles were as long as the first 18. We made it back to Fannie battered, bruised, and itching for some dinner. I whipped up some beans, hotdogs, and broccoli while Jimmy started the fire. Coach got some Lagunitas from the freezer and we saluted the mountain we conquered. Would we do it again? For sure, just give us a few years. 




Christopher Watson