Walking in Memphis...Waking in Minneapolis

This tour has been a perfect blend of familiarity and unique new experiences. This morning I woke up in the back of Fannie to the gentle sound of slow moving cars and some bikers. Peering out of my window I can see downtown Minneapolis just beyond Lake Calhoun. It's my first real journey through the Midwest, and the first time in Minneapolis. We've heard a lot of good things about the City of Lakes and it's rich music history and are itching to dive in. Waking up in a new place every other day is a lot easier when you know the something familiar, yet completely brand new is in store. 

We've been recording artists on the road for over six weeks now. Meeting strangers and befriending them is sweet, but it's always nice to meet up with people who were about the tour from the beginning. Last night we met our good Los Angeles friend Katie Chin. She's from the area, happened to be in town, and her parents had us over for dinner: authentic Chinese food, a definite upgrade from the Taco John's earlier in the day.

Her mother was so sweet and inquisitive, "Where do you shower? What's it like driving that thing? Are you tired yet?" We graciously answered those questions and I like my response to the third in particular. "The tour has been a mix of some rest and ignoring fatigue. When we're working and meeting new people everyday, there is a new energy that keeps us going."

One of our sayings is "we'll sleep in LA," and in some ways that is true. We will definitely be sleeping better, but the work really begins when we return in a few weeks. There is another question she asked and I've heard often, "So there has to be more than the episodes, are you guys holding out on us?" SPOILER ALERT: Yes. As Josh Kagler's Harmonistic Praise Crusade sang in Episode 7, "The Best Is Yet To Come!"


Christopher Watson