Santa Fe, NM Recap


After a great two nights in Las Vegas, The Unknown gang woke up early on Saturday, June 3 to set out on the road for what would be our longest drive yet, the nine hour trek to Santa Fe, NM. After eating breakfast, we packed our things, prepped the bus for a long haul and left the Circus Circus RV park in our rear view mirrors. 

The plan for the day was to pick up drone shots of the bus driving, and other B-roll footage as we made our way to New Mexico. To do this Jimmy and I drove my 2008 Ford Explorer, know to the team as Gerald, and got ahead of Fannie so that we could prepare the drone for when she would come rumbling down the freeway. It’s a difficult task filming a moving vehicle. In our case, we really only had one shot at capturing the shot because asking Mike to bust a U-turn and drive down the same strip of highway is too much. So for the first half of the day, Jimmy and I would get out ahead of Fannie, set up a shot, watch Fannie roll by at 55 mph and then hop in the car, race ahead, and do it again. It’s a lot of work for what will amount to less than 5 seconds of screen time. 

We stopped in Williams, AZ for lunch. Williams is a very small, slow moving town a few miles from the Grand Canyon. We ate the local Dairy Queen before putting the drone up in the air one last time to capture a shot of Fannie driving down Main Street. Needless to say, the buzz from the drone along with Fannie’s eye-catching paint job, turned a lot of heads in this small town. One young boy even yelled at Jimmy, “Flying a drone is illegal in this town!” We got out of dodge before the kid could inform the local authorities. 

Because Fannie moves at a much slower pace than the follow car, the team made the decision that in order to arrive in Santa Fe with enough time left in the day to meet some street musicians we would have to split up. Jimmy, Zach and I packed the essential gear we needed to properly record a musician and sped off for Santa Fe. Four hours later we made it to our destination. It was 9pm, which is a bit late for buskers to be out playing. We turned off the music in the car, opened the windows, and listened. This is the best way to find the music of the street. Roll down the windows and listen. 

We were driving slowly around the main Plaza in Santa Fe when we heard it. A gravelly voice came through our window. We looked to the right and saw a bearded man playing a silver dobro with a girl backing him up on the washboard. Their sound was unique and they were playing two instruments we hadn’t recorded before. We parked the car and immediately approached the duo. The bearded man’s name was Sandino and the girl was Georgia. Sandino was from Brazil, while Georgia was from Australia. Together they have been busking around the world. 

We explained the project to them and they agreed to record an original song with us called “Long Way From Home.” It’s an upbeat old bluesy song that has Sandino growling about his time away from his hometown. It was beautiful. We paid them for their time and they suggested that we park our RV in the Walmart parking lot where they keep their van. This is the street community we have been growing apart of. People helping people and showing them the ropes on what it’s like to live life on the road. 

We took their advice and parked the RV in the Walmart parking lot. Sandino and Georgia came by the RV and we shared a beer and a joint with them to end the night. We were in Santa Fe for less than 10 hours and we were able to record with two talented musicians from around the world. It was a great experience and with each musician we work with we become more energized to continue our mission to find unknown talent across the country. 

The journey continues...


William Ferguson