Las Vegas to Sante Fe: Dancing in the streets

Who is writing this?



Where are you right now?

Currently riding shotgun in Fannie (the RV) overlooking the majestic desert and mountains of Arizona. 


What did you do today?

Last night we had our first artist record in the RV and it was amazing. Billy and I were buying our internet hotspot, telling people about the tour, and we met a filmmaker who liked the idea. We keep chatting and turns out his brother is a rapper. We got the connect, told Ronnie (rapper) about the tour, and he was down to record in the evening. 

Back in the RV, Zack starts cookin up beats, cutting piano samples and putting drums and bass to fit. I also come up with a smooth guitar riff so we have some options to work with when he comes. The squad readies the RV for his arrival and we make a plan for the day: hit Fremont Street and busk a bit, finish recording Big Sax, and record with Ronnie back at the RV.

After I cook up some lunch, Mike wanted to check out the hotel a bit so I decided to join him. Vegas is a riot, the hotel had an amusement park attached! We saw a roller coaster with a 90 degree drop and took a ride. Great times. 

Around 6:30 we head back out to Fremont Street for a lil busking session, the first of the trip. I set up illegally a few blocks from the main drag, the boys brought a few beers, and we made it a hangout. The sun was setting and the vibe was turning up a bit, so I played some MJ. These ladies dressed like the 80s heard me singing and joined the party, dancin and gettin down, it was perfect. We broke down after a while, waited for Big Sax who was a no show, and then decided to head back to the RV to meet Ronnie. 

Ronnie was an awesome down to earth guy with a great story. His background is in breakdancing but also has a killer flow. He came in, vibed out to some of the beats Zack made, and hit the vocal booth. Within minutes we had a hot track to work with. Jimmy got a sweet interview and asked Ronnie if he wanted to breakdance a bit and of course he was in. He hopped out the RV and tore it up. We got the shots, chatted for a bit, and went our separate ways.

Zack and I were feeling lucky after the session and hit the casino. Zack wasn't so lucky, I walked out an ever so slightly richer man. 

This morning coach got us up crack of dawn and we hit the road to Sante Fe, New Mexico. 


What was the best music you heard today?

Hope Sandoval. Never heard of her but she's Mike's favorite vocalist. Really unique timbre. Also this song Farewell Transmission by Songs: Ohia, super solid feels. 


Are you nervous and/or excited right now?

So excited, I left the nervous butterflies back in Los Angeles. The first session went so well yesterday, I am so excited to hear what else we discover and create. Partially unexcited about this 12 hour ride to Sante Fe...I feel some back sweat.


Are there any improvements to be made?

Always, but right now we're still figuring it out. Systems are getting put in place and we're finding and fixing the errors within them. I'm honestly so impressed and proud of the boys, we doin work. 


Christopher Watson