My Team

When putting together a team you need to have the right pieces in place to create an orchestra of togetherness and success. Through the first 13 days of our trip the guys have been working together like a flawless unit and the results have been magnificent. 

From Los Angeles to our current stop in New Orleans, everyone has been learning and finding our roles on the team and it's shaping up to look like a championship contender. 

Last night we had 2 sessions at the same time here in New Orleans, so we had to make some magic happen. We split off as Billy and Watson went to film our friend Josh rock some funky vocals, Zack, Jimmy and I stayed back to film our friends over at Bubble Bath records and a few of their bands. The results turned out great from both teams and it was amazing to see the crew take care of business. We have been unbelievably busy and everyone so far has been so supportive and receptive of our project and I believe that has to with the positive energy that exudes from our crew. 

I'm going to continue to do my best to keep these guys running like a well oiled machine and coach them to the top. 

"It's not about any one person. You've got to get over yourself and realize that it takes a group to get this thing done." - Gregg Popovich


William Ferguson