I think I was about thirteen years old the first time I saw Reservoir Dogs. I was blown away by what Tarantino did in that film and the way it made me feel. By the end of that movie I knew I wanted tell stories through film. Now, the subject matter and stories that Tarantino tells are far different than the ones I have been working on, but filmmakers working in every genre are all moving towards the same goal: to convey a compelling story. That’s the number one job of a filmmaker and what I hope to accomplish with The Unknown Tour.

It’s taken a long time to get here, but I am finally in a position to go out and make my first feature film with some of my best friends. To say I am excited would be an understatement. Jimmy and I have been making videos together for the past three years, but have never made a full length movie. We are in unchartered waters, but the experience we have gained from shooting hundreds of short form documentaries will serve us well and we are ready to take on the challenge.

What is exciting and a bit nerve-wracking about this entire experience is that the tour and the movie that follows is mostly unknown right now. The name of the project is fitting for multiple reasons. We aren’t exactly certain the direction our story is going to move in. That’s the thing about documentary filmmaking, you have to hit record and let the story come to you. Our documentary will unfold itself while we are on the road. 

Who knows where our movie will end up? Who knows how many people will see it? Obviously our goal is to get it played at film festivals, screened in theaters, and eventually make it onto a platform like Netflix. But who knows? All we can do is make the best movie we can. What I do know is that we are following our dreams and we will have a damn good time while doing it. And hopefully just one person, will watch our film and walk away with the same feeling I had after seeing Reservoir Dogs. A feeling of inspiration. 


William Ferguson