I’m Chris, often called Watson, and I am an artist/singer/songwriter/performer. Finding myself has been a strong blend of discovery, trial, and good fortune. What I admire most about artistry is that ones growth is often dependent on the ability to trust in their talent. It takes guts to be great.

Moreover, ones growth is reinforced by their peers. That why I’m so pumped to be touring North America with some of my best buds. They’re among the most dynamic and driven people I’ve met. We seek to inspire hundreds of artists as well as everyone we come across through music and video. 

You noticed I said music before video, I’m obviously biased, music is the greatest thing on planet earth. There is nothing better than a great song and I’m so thankful to be able to write and share them. Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to believe it wasn’t always this way.

Eight years ago I was at home one night in Carrollwood, Florida with some friends on summer break from college. We all just kicked ass or got our asses kicked by freshmen year. For me it was hard to tell, Miami is a hell of a town. The moon and stars are out, we’re lakeside yappin about hopes and the future, who we are and what we really want to become.  

When it was my turn I expressed how I want to connect with people through music. I’d recently completed my first original song and it was beautifully horrendous. Although it wasn’t any good, I felt a profound change in my spirit, a key to express myself, a sense of completeness; my talent had discovered my dream of being a songwriter. Of course I didn’t show them “Gray Days,” too embarrassed, but I told them how the song impacted me. I’ll never forget what one of my friends said.

“Well that’s cool if you don’t wanna share it now, but if you really wanna be somebody, if you really want to express yourself, you gotta go all in.” She went on to explain that you can’t hold back on your artistic path. You have to be vulnerable and subject yourself to situations that might change everything you knew. 

As a performer, and in particular a street performer, I’ve come to find that audiences connect most when you go all in and appear to have nothing to lose, when you have fun with your art, when you make each performance a celebration of your discovery. That’s why I am so excited about this tour; these are exactly the people we are seeking. We’re getting the artist’s that trust in their talent and want the world to know. 


William Ferguson