Take Initiative, Fortune Will Follow

I remember the dopest gig I had out here in LA. Jimmy Keys (Jimes) and I played at a mansion in Beverly Hills for a Conde Nast hosted launch party. We got paid well, ate and drank for free, and schmoozed with some of the city's most influential people. Many people asked me how I got this gig, and I mention that they luckily found me on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. But when I really dove deeper, I realized that they found me because I willed myself into that position on the street. Many times when you take initiative, good fortune will follow.

October 2016 was my second month in LA. Still broke and relatively clueless to the city, I was grateful to get gigs. I got offered to play in Anaheim, about an hour away from my room in North Hollywood, so I rented a car for the weekend and drove down Friday. I played at the farmers market there and made only enough to cover the gas. A little disheartening, but I knew I had another opportunity to offset the cost of the rental. 

The next day I went out to the 3rd Street Promenade for the first time. It was a regular sunny day and I was playing a normal passionate set when a brand manager for a luxury car brand spotted me. He asked if I played corporate type events and I confirmed. He said he would be in touch and I said cool, expecting nothing as its not the first time I've heard "we'll be in touch." However, a few days later I get an email from Conde Nast inquiring of my availability for the party. We go back and forth about logistics and the next month Jimes and I tear it up. 

My takeaway from the whole experience is that you have to put yourself out there and show that you want more. This summer we are putting our lives on pause to make something unknown. What we do know is that we have the right pieces to accomplish our goal. And many times, that's all you really need. 

Christopher Watson