Today is Monday, May 15th. We are a little over two weeks away from taking off. The starting five has finally been assembled with Zack Djurich rounding out the team and filling in the role of audio engineer. Today was a great day! We got our feet wet by recording with a few of our first musicians. 

This morning we filmed with the Chicago band Ohmme, made up of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. Jimmy grew up playing music with Sima and asked if she would like to be apart of the project when he learned that Ohmme was touring on the west coast this month. We met these talented musicians in Echo Park, CA where they have been staying since they arrived in LA for their first show. Sima played a nice rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles for us. The guitar and vocals that she laid down will serve as the skeleton for other artists down the road to add on to. We then sat both members of Ohmme down for an interview to get their thoughts on the music industry and what it’s like being an independent artist working in Chicago. 

Later in the day, we met up with our friend Kevin Garrett who is in town from Pittsburgh. Jimmy and I first worked with Kevin about a year ago when he was getting ready to perform at the Made In America festival in Philadelphia. He gained a lot of recognition for writing the song “Pray You Catch Me” on Beyonce’s album Lemonade. Although a writing credit for Beyonce is a huge honor, Kevin is his own artist and a real talent. Kevin was nice enough to do a great cover of Bill Wither’s song “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Kevin is an independent artist who shares a lot of the same views that we have on the music industry. It was great catching up with him and hearing him talk candidly about the path his career has taken. 

We filmed a total of four cover songs today and for the most part everything went smoothly. I am very excited to continue to film with more and more people and watch as our process for capturing footage and music gets ironed out and perfected over time!

Listen to Ohmme:

Listen to Kevin Garrett:


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