I Think My Grandma Is Jealous

The word is out, we're hitting the road to make history. We're taking an unprecedented journey from sea to shining sea to show what it means to make it for hundreds of artists. We'll be doing things and seeing places some won't get to experience in a lifetime. 

Thankfully, me and the guys have supportive friends and family here in Los Angeles and back home. We'll get to see a good handful of them on the trip, but some places are just a bit out of the way. Unfortunately, my home state of Florida is one of those places out of reach. I was cool with it, but my lovely grandma Iva was not too pleased when I told her about the trip. 

"So you're telling me you can drive from California to Canada, but you cannot come home and see your grandma?"

"Grandma, it's not that we can't drive to Florida, we just don't have the time. Florida is so long and a bit out of the way to be honest."

"Did you forget all the times I went out of the way for you?"

"Haha no I didn't forget Grandma."

"Do you remember in Haiti when I looked after you, your brother, and your cousins for the whole summer?"

"Of course Grandma."

"I was also there in the hospital with your mother in December of 89'. I was there when you graduated from high school. Every graduation come to think of it."

"Iva, it has nothing to do with-"

"And what about all your piano recitals? Those were not easy to sit through you know."

"Grandma yes yes I know. I wouldn't be who I am without you. After all, it's your side of the family with all the artistic talent."

"Yes son. Thank you son." She's so sweet and ever so subtly prideful I get my talent from her. 

"Ok so you will not come to Florida. Fine. But after the tour you'll be able to support me right? You know I still get your car magazine subscriptions. There's a new Mercedes that looks really nice."

"Haha I hope so Grandma."


Christopher Watson