After announcing The Unknown Tour on May 1st we have received a lot of feedback and questions from friends and family on how we are going to pull off recording an album while filming a full-length documentary about the process. Some of the FAQs have been: 

So you are going to have 5 grown men living on a bus for 10 straight weeks? How is that going to work?

Who’s going to be do the driving?

How long will you be in each city?

Are you scouting people before you get to a city?

Is it going to be just one song or a full album?

Are you guys going to do covers or originals?

What’s the plan for who is going to own the music?

What are you going to eat? Where will you be showering? Etc...

We will be answering ALL of these questions and more in Episode 3 of The Unknown Tour. 

If you have any additional questions in the meantime, please feel free to send all inquiries to and we will do our best to get them answered for you. 

Or better yet, text our tour manager Mike Jaeger for a more timely response. Mike’s number is 262-385-7293. Please call him or text him if you need anything at all! He’s happy to help! 



William Ferguson