We couldn't be more excited to pack up and hit the road in our newly remodeled 1997 Thor Regency bus for a trip we will never forget. As you can see we have a busy schedule this summer with stops in all of the major music cities across America, with a quick visit to our neighbors to the north. We planned it so that we will be in larger cities, where we will be more likely to come across more street musicians, for a longer period of time. Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, San Fran, and Los Angeles are all places where we know musicians play out in the streets and where we have friends working in the music industry. But the smaller cities that come in between will not be overlooked and will serve as a unique examination of the DNA of American music. 

Right now the bus is getting prepped for the long haul. We have prepared for our trip the best that we can, but what happens on the open road can never be planned. The beautiful thing about this tour is all of the unexpected people and stories we will come across along the way. If you are reading this and have a musician that you know who you think would be a good subject to cover on The Unknown Tour please do not hesitate to recommend the artist on the front page of this website. This project is meant to involve as many people as possible. It's all about bringing people together through music. Wish us luck and catch us in a city near you! 

William Ferguson